京都府産黒大豆 新丹波黒 Black Soy Beans – New Tamba Black, Product of Kyoto Prefecture 京都府産黒大豆 新丹波黒

京都府産黒大豆 新丹波黒

京都の黒豆・新丹波黒大豆は大粒でシワがなく、煮炊きしても形崩れしないのが特徴です。 古い都々逸にも「丹波の丹波黒は色は黒でも味が良い」とうたわれ、古くからその美味しさが全国に浸透していました。栽培の起こりは定かではありませんが、おそらく江戸時代頃からこの地で栽培されてきたのであろうといわれています。夏の昼夜の温度差と、秋の霧が黒豆を大きくゆっくり熟成させているのではないかともいわれています。 味、品質、大きさとも日本一といわれる新丹波黒大豆はカルシウムやビタミン、蛋白質を多く含む言わずもがなの健康食品です。

Kyoto’s black soybeans, “Shin-tamba-guro” is known to be big in size with no wrinkles on the surface, where the shape will not be distorted despite being boiled. It has long been said that Tamba’s black soybeans are black, and is known for its taste, but in addition it is known throughout the country for its beautiful appearance. The early beginnings of cultivation is not known, but it is said to be during Edo period in Kyoto. The difference in temperature between the day and night, as well as the fog in autumn, are the conditions that help ripen the beans. The taste, quality and size are best in Japan, and it is considered healthy as it contains calcium, vitamins, as well as protein.